About Symrik

Where it all began

Shop thoughtfully & feel good is our motto!

Once a beautiful cashmere producing country Nepal along with its cashmere industries crumbled down into devastation following the decade long political crisis and natural disasters. The industry suffered a set back, export dried up and tourism hit all time low affective the domestic market. SYMRIK started having heard the stories from people who depended on this industry for their livelihood and small business having to close down the small cottage industries they had started for not being able to compete with bulk machine made cashmere industries. The industry fell into troubled time. The industry is plagued by other handicaps. The cost of raw materials, namely the wool have become too expensive and hard to find enough interest in the sector from younger artisans who find other job market. Nepal plummeted from exporting $103m worth of cashmere wool in 2000 to merely exporting $18m in 2016. The income from the light and fluffy wool, the source of beautiful soft scarf sold in boutiques from Paris to Manhattan is much needed to the people of remote mountain regions.  Now with some return of stability in the country the cashmere industry is slowly peeking its head where it faces a harsh reality of the western market where its name and quality has been defamed with mass produced look alike items. Thanks to competition from cheap imitation mainly from China and  India, Nepal’s much larger neighbors, from inferior wool to synthetic fibers and unbeatable price, cashmere from Nepal still has a steeper uphill to climb.

SYMRIK’s founding ideal is the one that we stick to today: i) to bring back Nepali Cashmere to its original fame from few surviving small cottage industries ii) to provide the uniquely hand crafted products an outlet in the western world iii) to help mountain farmers understand the value for their products. We partner with our manufacturing unit backed by the government of Nepal to bring awareness in the villages for them to understand the importance of saving the local breed of goats and the economic benefits that they can bring to their families. This year only thousands of goats were sold to the meat industries and tons of cashmere got dumped for the lack of awareness. The nomadic pastoralists families have no use for the cashmere for their own. They use the harsh hair along with yak hair and sheep hair to weave traditional carpets and blankets that is more useful for the climate that they live in and something that they can easily sell in the local market.

This small industry has yet to see revival it deserves as there is potential for this industry to grow and bring in great benefits to the families to better their life by offering products of comfort and joy to those who purchase them. We would like shoppers to connect with the families who actually make these products. Purchase of our consciously collected and crafted hand made product is your small contribution to changing the future of some families’ life in Nepal. We transparently reveal our own supply chain, there are no secrets. We will slowly but certainly create better conditions for both the livestock and the families who raise them. Lack of big mechanized industries and other job opportunities this is all these small households have and we want to work with that they have in their own place and give them some hope that these beautifully handcrafted product can win the heart of people as they see their use.

We will be transparent to let our customers know that currently some our cashmere comes from similar hilly areas of inner Mongolia as the prolonged political crisis and devastating earthquake shattered the Cashmere industry in Nepal created massive shortages in cashmere supplies and we are trying to help the industry to stand back on its own feet by using as much Nepali Cashmere we can and supplementing the deficit from Mongolia. Most of the Nepalese cashmere gets sold in the Chinese market and then later bought in by Nepali weavers making this a much more expensive product. Mongolia is a place little better off but similar to Nepal with similar household and rural economy. Proximity of Mongolia for the Chinese business has led to inefficient method of cashmere collection in Mongolia where the problem of desertification of pastureland is showing up. Therefore it is beneficial to spread the source of cashmere production to the entire Himalyan region where the goats are traditionally raised.

Our cashmere is backed by “Changra Pashmina” trademark, carrying a special logo which monitors markets around the world to protect their trademark.The trademark, intended to set those genuine products apart and ensure the content of the wool has been registered in dozens of Western countries, including the US. Cashmere Pashmina wool today is loosing its expensive, rare aura, and that customers now associate the name chiefly with low-quality imitations, so they are not prepared to pay for the expensive genuine product.

Where we want to be

We are committed to the continuos improvement of Cashmere quality, saving the Hircus Goat from cross breeding and adhering to the most rational way of collecting the fiber. We want to bring as much unique item as we can to make each product a special purchase for you, weather it is for the wedding, to go watch the opera show in high style, evening cocktail dinner and cruises or that special gift for someone dear or for yourself. A lot of our product goes beyond just the occasion. All our products are handmade and we want to stick to the concept of brining customer that special product different from mass produced factory items. Becoming one of the exciting and growing e-commerce businesses is just the start of a very exciting journey we would like to undertake. We want to make it easy for you to be original – wherever you live, and whatever you’re into. So that means we’ll always be on the lookout for new ideas and ways of making something unique, personal and beautiful. One thing we do want to do is stick with more formal classy and elegant looks than follow the ever changing fashion trend. You will find most our protects to be time tested, useful and practical and elegant and classy. And we’ll always make it easy for you to get it.

Our Inspiration

SYMRIK was created by designs and themes based on convergence of colors of the world. We closely follow New York and London fashion weeks for inspiration. Sophisticated Western colors are given a splash of colors here and there when the special events are accessorized with SYMRIK’s cashmere collections. Our vibrant colors gives just enough touch of magic to light up the wedding or any special or formal occasion and produce pictures of great interest.  Several elements influence color selection for items offered for sale in SYMRIK. Few Inspirations are from festive cultural colors from the Himalayas as some fun colors are displayed during the joyful festivities in cultures of these mystical Himalayan mountains and some are just raw beauty of the mother nature. Others are inspirational colors published in Pantone color of the year books. These colors are inspirational and happy. We love integrating some of these colors in our theme. We also want to integrated the time-tested weaving techniques by using different weaves and textures creatively. We aim to work for ongoing revival of traditional textile skills. For us Cashmere products are in the form of art and color. Shawls and Scarfs are very useful accessories to have and can be used in so many different ways and there are a lot out there in the market. Make your selection to be of fine cashmere. Find them in our stores and find yourself cuddling in its softness and looking great!

We wish you a happy shopping experience and incase you face difficulties please help us understand and help you by sending us your concerns.